Lauren’s yoga sessions are more than your bog standard yoga session; her knowledge of yoga along with Pilates and anatomy makes them much more impactful. Having attended regular sessions over 18 months, my practice is much improved, as is understanding of what my body is capable of. Lauren’ s ability to listen, explain and demonstrate, coupled with her quirky sense of humour make her weekly sessions unmissable. Nourishment for the mind and body has never been so much fun, or so addictive.
— Vandana

Lauren’s sessions are my favourite hour of the week. She taps into the state of mind you are in and tailors her sessions to your exact needs, mentally and physically, whether it be with Yoga or Pilates or both.  I leave each time feeling calm, strong and ready for the week ahead. I trust and respect her, not only as a highly accomplished yoga/Pilates instructor, but also now as a friend
— Nina C.

I really look forward to my yoga class with Lauren, it’s a breath of calm and a chance move my body after a day in front of my computer in the office. Lauren explains the poses really well so you feel like you can learn to do them properly instead of just making your best guess at what you think it should look like!
— Laura

I have had the privilege of working with Lauren as my one to one teacher through yoga and pilates over the last year and it gives me great pleasure in highly recommending her. Lauren is one of the most unique, genuine, disciplined, empathic and dedicated practitioners I’ve come across since starting my journey with yoga and Pilates. Lauren is one of those people you meet in life that you never forget, and I know that like myself, anyone who has the benefit of being in her class (or presence) will be taken on an unforgettable mind, body, spirit journey like none other.
— Donata

I always look forward to my Tuesday evening classes with Lauren. She is very inclusive and great at modifying the practice for all different levels and abilities. Lauren is not just knowledgeable about yoga and the body, she is also approachable and leads the practice with generosity and humour.
— Nina L.

Attending Lauren’s classes is a weekly treat for me; her approach to teaching yoga is fresh, mindful and intelligent, and her sense of humour makes the class fun and light-hearted. I always leave her class uplifted and with a smile on my face, and always feel like I have learned something new thanks to her gentle adjustments and tips.
— Angela G.
Having not done much yoga previously, Lauren’s approach of tailoring classes to each person’s experience and ability has massively improved my confidence. Her classes allow me time to be mindful and focus on myself in the busy world we live in.
— Olivia

I was never sure whether I would be able to begin yoga practice at my age (over 55) until starting Lauren’s sessions at my place of work. It has been a really enjoyable learning journey and I always feel that the way she runs the classes is encouraging and positive with alternative suggestions for gaining from the session if my joints occasionally play up. For me, Lauren’s teaching is a great balance of development, progress and improvement and I never feel pushed into anything that I am uncomfortable with or that I am not ready for. The classes are a highlight of my week and the gains have been to both my mental and physical wellbeing.
— Angela T.

I absolutely love Lauren’s classes. Her attention to detail is inspiring, she makes me want to be a better yogi! She has a lovely way about her that makes you feel so calm in her classes and her positive vibes are infectious! She encourages you to listen to your body and to have body awareness. If your body doesn’t want to do something, there is no judgement. I always feel the benefit after every class. One of the best teachers I’ve had
— Kate

I always really look forward to Lauren’s pilates sessions! The way she approaches a class of different abilities is seamless & I always feel pushed to just the right level of difficulty, regardless of who else is in the room. She teaches with a great deal of humour, knowledge, great explanations & relatable anecdotes which make her sessions super engaging and memorable - it’s the perfect way to start or end a challenging working day
— Lucy

Lauren is a great yoga teacher. She’s patient, always makes sure there’s a smile on your face, but that you feel you’ve achieved new strength and skill. Her style is a fusion of pilates, yoga flow and general good vibes. She listens to the group needs and is always pleased to hear feedback or ideas for future sessions. As our regular yoga teacher for the past 4 years we obviously love her!
— Anna