Finding Centre

dsc_0126-crop In Pilates, the centre of our bodies is often called the "powerhouse" because it's where so much of our physical strength comes from. Whilst having a strong physical core is essential for safe and effective movement, this is also the place in the body where we find our inner strength.

In yoga, the centre of the body is known as the solar plexus chakra (manipura chakra) and this area governs our self-esteem, sense of personal power, sense of belonging, stamina, will power and ego. It's the place the allows us to be confident and in control of our lives.

Working on developing physical strength in this area can help us feel more confident and strong, but we can also connect to our personal powerhouse of emotion and energy:-

Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Place one hand on your heart and the other on your belly. Notice the heat radiating from your body. Watch the rise and fall of your breath. Bring the breath deep and low in the body - fill up the belly and let the belly really expand.

Feel whatever is in your body, deep at the core. Let your hands be a reminder to stay focused on feeling what is in this part of you. Start to connect with the deep-rooted power inside.

Sit with this for a few moments, a few breaths or a few minutes.

Release your hands and notice how you feel, sitting in stillness a little longer. When you're ready, take a deep breath and continue with your day, centered and strong.

I'd love to know how this exercise makes you feel. Let me know in the comments below or use #corepowerinnerpower.