A practice ...


This is one of my favourite meditations because of its simplicity, the fact that it can easily be done anywhere, and can be adapted to the amount of time available:

Sit or lie comfortably. Close your eyes.

Find your breath.

Notice the rise and fall of your chest and be aware of each inhale and exhale.

Stay like this for a few moments, noticing each inhale and exhale without changing or holding the breath, simply allowing it to go in and out of your lungs.

Notice the length of the breath - is it short, long, somewhere in between? Don't change the breath as it is, simply observe and allow it to be what it is today.

Start to notice the quality of the air as it comes in, and notice the air as it goes out. What is the temperature of the breath? How does it feel as it passes through the nostrils, the throat and into the lungs? How does it feel in the other direction?

Stay with this practice, continuing to notice each inhale and exhale.

When thoughts arise, observe them, but keep bringing yourself back to the present moment of inhale and exhale, anchoring your mind to your breath.

Stay here for as long as you have, then gently open your eyes.


*Side note: notice the breath, but avoid adding judgements to your observation - short or long breath is not good or bad, it is simply a characteristic. If you start to attach judgement, notice the judgement and let it go (this is also part of the practice), with the option of saying to yourself "my breath is ___, and that is simply the way it is right now".


How does this practice make you feel? Let me know in the comments or use #meditateoctober