Finding Truth


The poison:

Feeling the pressure of accomplishing and creating the perfect life - not just professionally, but personally too.

Feeling "not enough" because you haven't hit the milestones ... even those milestones that you didn't want to hit.

Feeling like you're not keeping up (even though you know you're on your own right path) because all around you are messages that you're falling behind, moving too slow, running out of time?


The antidote:

Put down the phone, stop scrolling. Forget about the inspirational quotes and the six-pack abs. Quiet the voice of comparison in your mind.

"Know that you are on your own path; only you know what's right for you."

"Different milestones happen at different times for everyone; and they don't always happen - which is good."

We say these things to ourselves, but do we really feel them in our hearts?

Turn up music you love and let your body move organically, then sit quietly and listen to your own breath.

Place your hands on your heart. Be still. Determine if what you are doing (or not doing) is true and right for you. Your heart knows. Listen only to that.